Global Tiered Cloud Storage
Available Directly From Your Desktop

Get fast unlimited storage on collaboration drives directly from your desktop.
Predictable monthly pricing with no egress and free migrations from any other storage.

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Comprehensive, cost effective global cloud storage


Easily deploy and manage
your Storage in Click

Quickly and easily provision Amove storage in your local regions. Assign access and permission to users, teams or project with just a few clicks.


Reliably scale and tier
as needed

Unlimited capacity, unmatched speeds. As you need it. Not all workflows need the fasted storage. Amove tiers offers cost effective options per your needs.


Global cloud storage now
available from the desktop

Clear, predictable costs, Zero egress fees. Only pay for your capacity. Ideal for sharing of files and creative collaboration across locations, teams and projects.

Join the many businesses saving up
to 50% or more with Amove Storage

Are the ever-increasing cloud costs on AWS, GCP, and Azure severely impacting your bottom line? Reach out to our team and we’ll show how you can significantly reduce your bill for the same consistent infrastructure experience.


Storage, collaboration and file management tools
delivered with to you with ease and speed.

  • One Click to Every File - A true multi-cloud storage file management feature set that gives you immediate access to file that you need.
  • Connect any cloud storage - Within seconds connect AWS, Dropbox, Azure, Google and over 45 object storage services. Manage all clouds on Amove.
  • Hybrid Cloud - One click to your local and now your have a true hybrid solution with Amove storage or any existing object cloud storage.
  • Drag, Drop or Sync - Bring you storage silos together. Easily manage data across them manually or by creating automated syncs.
  • Build Teams & Projects - Onboard your team in minutes, apply permissions and get your creative work done in real time, anywhere.
  • Collaboration - Access and use new assets and project changes the moment your teammates save them in your shared drive. Collaborate with anyone.

We know about your problems with cloud storage! Let us help you fix it.

High performance storage that enables users to work together more efficiently. Whether you need to store large media files, sync across locations or edit videos without downloading the file, Amove provides every storage tier you need for each requirement.


Simple enough for any user, powerful enough for
fast-growing businesses


Global Object Storage

Lightning fast file access

$10 / month
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  • Class leading Hot cloud performance
  • As fast if not faster than your current provider!
  • Clear, predictable costs, Zero egress costs. Only pay for your capacity.
  • Ideal for sharing of files across locations, teams and projects.
  • Cost effective way to increase capacity without leaving you existing available by the day, week, month and year!

Distributed Nearline

Unmatched active archive

$5 / month
Try for free
  • When you need working capacity and want to keep you edit storage leen.
  • Easily Park projects whilst awaiting rounds of feedback or pauses in your production.
  • Fast access and movement of data at half the monthly cost of Hot storage.
  • We use an independent architecture to our Global tier so it’s perfect for DR replication of your main storage without the delays of deep archive.

Cold Archive

Safe for the winter

$2 / month
Try for free
  • Long-term, secure, durable storage classes for data archiving at the lowest cost and milliseconds access
  • Retrievals as quick as milliseconds
  • Unmatched durability and scalability
  • Most comprehensive security and compliance capabilities

Bleeding edge performance.

A fraction of the cost.

Amove Edit Storage delivers real-time edit capabilities for video from anywhere, on any cloud.
Collaborate with anyone with any file without downloading, syncing, or compromising your workflow.

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