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Migrate your data between ANY cloud object storage and save at least 60% on annual storage
costs immediately. Cloudflyer will handle everything and we never leave a single object behind.

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What is Amove Cloudflyer?

What is Amove Cloudflyer?

Amove Cloudflyer is a leader in cloud storage management and cost-effective data migrations. We help businesses move across storage providers by virtualizing object storage and simplifying data migrations.

Cloudflyer provides powerful and cost-effective data migrations between clouds, data centers or any on-premise storage.

  • Significantly reduce storage costs
  • Avoid cloud lock-in and expensive egress fees
  • Protect your data from local disasters
  • Increase efficiencies throughout your organization

Cloudflyer has helped over 7500 organizations worldwide move over 30 petabytes between storage locations. Our team manages data moves of 50 terabytes or more without any consulting or extra services fees.

What is Amove Cloudflyer?

Cloud-to-cloud migration made easy

There are many reasons to move your data: skyrocketing costs, unpredictable pricing, security, and performance issues. However, the complexity of migrating data, and the enormous egress fees involved have many customers feeling "locked in" to their current cloud storage vendors. Until now.

Amove Cloudflyer is the solution that solves all of these problems. Quickly and easily migrate between AWS, Azure, GCP or any of 50 additional storage services for just pennies per GB. In some cases, Cloudflyer will migrate at absolutely no cost. Ask us for details.

  • Reduce storage costs and complexity
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and unfair egress fees
  • Change clouds at any time
What is Amove Cloudflyer?

Free migrations from anywhere to Amove Storage

Amove Cloud Storage leads in cost, performance and security:

  • Affordable 80% less than AWS S3. No egress charges.
  • Data Security - Immutable storage with object lock. All files are encrypted using TLS connectivity.
  • Auto-Sync between Amove Storage and any other storage.
  • Amove storage uses object lock, versioning, and data retention features to secure against data loss from ransomware and accidental deletion or modification.
What is Amove Cloudflyer?

How much can you save over the next 1-5 years?

Cloudflyer takes care of your egress fees for you. Once migrated, we can set up a sync so you can expect to save up to 80% on your storage costs compared to Amazon S3, Azure Hot, or Google Cloud Platform.

Get an immediate return on investment.

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